ماكينات شركة العتال

4C 2.25 Liter

8000 Bottle in hour

Pack volume from 150 milliliter to 2.25 liters

One of the products of El Attal Company which its max production capacity of 8000 packages per hour.

The machine is equipped with a touch screen with 3 language controlling units (Arabic, English, and Turkish).

Digital pressure sensor to control the compressed air unit.

The machine is equipped with a system to recover the air used in blowing back to the low pressure bottle.

The machine is equipped with a laser sensor to measure the temperature of each preform before inflating to check its readiness for inflation.

Servo motor to control feed speed with timing equation automatically according to any change occurs over the machine times.

Full servo skewer.

The electrical panel is equipped with an air conditioning unit.

Adjust the oven fan to maintain the stability of the oven temperature.

The high and low air tank is made of stainless steel.

Servicing the Machine:

Main machine dimensionsm3L: 2.9  *  W: 1.9  *  H: 2.3
Machine dimensions the perform feeding unit & the product recall unitm3L: 5.4  *  W: 3.3  *  H: 3.05
Machine weightkg2300
Container volumeml150:2225
Preform neck diameterm3water: 30  /  oil: 32 soda: 28  /  juice: 35
Container Maximum dimensionsmmW: 150 *  H: 350
Machine maximum abilitypiece/h8000
Number of perform feeders unit2
Number of product recall unit2
Feeding maximum abilityVoltage differencev380
High pressure entryPressurebar30 – 40
Max consumptionm33min5
Air qualityDried and filtered
Water entryTemp of water entry°C8
Water pressurebar4

Main Machine Parts:

BrooderMetalHigh chrome
No. of blowing holes4
Stretching blowing unitGreatest stretchmm350
Greatest pressure inflatablebar40
Inflatable pressurebar3 – 13
Heating unitNo. of ovens1
No. of bulbs in oven28
Power of one lampw2000
Heat control methodvDigital 1:400

Preform loading system:

Perform feeder unit dimensionsmmL: 1900  *  W: 1250  *  H: 3000
Feeding speedpiece/h4000
Feeding container capacityPackage2500

Product withdrawal system:

Product recall unit dimensionsmmL: 3000  *  W: 400  *  H: 900
Product recall unit speedpiece/h4000