We always strive to satisfy customers and gain their trust by offering the best machines with the latest technologies and the best international standards.


We offer the best types of machines Egyptian industry by European industry quality to compete in the global market for the manufacture of machinery and blow molding.


The most important characteristic of the services of our company is the existence of a full guarantee of the machines to our confidence in the finest quality of our industry and in order to meet the needs of our customers

About us

- Al-ataal engineering industries is a leading company in PET blow molding industries in the Middle East .
- Al-ataal engineering industries was founded in 1997 in Syria and specialized in making Pet blow molding industries in 2002 with a great ambition of being the first in this field .
- With our experienced and specialized staff and by insisting on using the latest technologies, up to date methods we achieved our goal to be one of the well-known companies domestically and in the Middle East.
- We aim to enter new markets using global standards in performance, after-sales and consulting services through our agents .
- We got the confidence of our clients by insisting on providing the best performance with maximum energy saving also achieving maximum advantage of compressed air by using global high quality ingredients available in all domestic markets which makes the machine maintenance easier.

Our Mission

Is a leading global institution.
We dedicate our resources to provide the best services and high quality products for all of our customers.
We seek to achieve success in our investments and we commit to strictly with the ethical principles and global standards.
We pay great attention to serve our society by conserving resources and achieving economic sustainability by providing energy and air pressure used to achieve the highest performance and reduce production costs to enhance the confidence and satisfaction of our customers

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We take creativity and innovation as an approach and offer world-class competitive products.
We continuously develop our team with our pursuit to develop and improve our facility and serve the community.


Main branch

Tenth of Ramadan City
Industrial Zone B4 - Plot 183


City of Istanbul - Demir Kapi


Aleppo city - the first countryside of Mohandiseen